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This download is no longer available. This could be due to the program being discontinued, having a security issue or for some other reason.

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Wake up to Justin Bieber with his official alarm clock app

This program can no longer be downloaded.

The Key is a free alarm clock app released to promote Justin Bieber's fragrance for women.

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  • Smart design
  • Good use of touch gestures in the interface
  • Set multiple alarms
  • Hear Justin Bieber the moment you wake
  • Good Twitter integration


  • Just one song included by default
  • You can't set the sleep duration


This program can no longer be downloaded.

The Key is a free alarm clock app released to promote Justin Bieber's fragrance for women.

Wake up with Justin

You can set multiple alarms using The Key app, choosing one of Bieber's hit records to wake you. There's just one track, The Key, available to assign through the app, but if you have more of Bieber's music on your phone the app will detect the songs and allow you to set them as an alarm.

When the alarm is triggered, the music starts to play (plus vibration) and you have the option to wake up or to enter sleep mode (called 'dream mode' in The Key app) where you get another 6 minutes before it goes off again. It would be good if you were able to set the sleep time period yourself, but you can't.

When you turn off the alarm one of a number of recorded greetings from Justin Bieber will be played. Many will find his hushed tones the perfect way to wake up. Once Bieber has finished wishing you good morning you'll get the opportunity to share what you were dreaming about with other 'Beliebers' via Twitter. Here, you can read what others have been dreaming about about, too.

Good use of touch gestures

Setting alarms is very easy through The Key. You simply swipe up the 'Add an Alarm' option at the bottom of the screen then roll the numbers that appear in order to set the time. You then choose the track and select the start point.

Turning off the alarm is done by sliding down with your finger, while tapping the screen activates the snooze function. In our tests it worked OK, but perhaps waking from a very deep sleep you might clumsily tap instead of swiping and end up getting up late!

Smart design

The look and feel of The Key app is almost as cool as Justin Bieber himself. The moody background image of Bieber is a good accompaniment, while the iconography is slimline and stylish. We like the way that the screen dims slightly when you enter dream mode. 

The verdict

If you're a Bieber fan, The Key is a must-have app. In fact, you'll want to go to sleep all the time just so you can wake up to Justin Bieber. Even if you don't like the singer, it's a smart and easy to use alarm clock. But if you really hate him, then don't download the app. Obviously.

Justin Bieber’s latest fragrance THE KEY offers a free social alarm clock that lets you wake up with Justin. Pick one of his songs to wake up to, and tweet about your dream to share it with Beliebers everywhere. #unlockthedream

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